The Simply Simpler Free Content Management System


The Simply Simpler Free Content Management System

The Simply Simpler Content Management System

Quick Installation. Easy Theming. Inuitive Interface.

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Easy to Install

ElementaryCMS is very easy to install - just upload it to your hosting server, set up a MySQL database, and complete the one-step installation process.

Easy to Theme

Build off of one of our three nicely commented default themes, browse for community developed themes in Extend, or make your own with unbeatable ease.

Easy to Use

With an intuitive, responsive admin interface, content management has never been easier for developers and clients alike. No coding experience required!


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ElementaryCMS?

ElementaryCMS is a content management system, which means that it lets you update the text and images of your website from an easy to use admin panel, instead of having to mess with the code each time. It's a tool for website designers and developers as well as their clients to save time and money.

Why is ElementaryCMS better than other content management systems?

ElementaryCMS is the perfect balance between feature-rich and super-simple. With the key features you need to get started, but without the bloat and complexity of some of the most popular content management systems out there.

Is ElementaryCMS free?

Yes! ElementaryCMS is 100% free and open source. That means that not only do you never have to pay for it, but it's made better by the community and people like you.